How to Create Style If You're Bald: Fashion Tips for Bald Men Embracing Baldness

How to Create Style If You're Bald: Fashion Tips for Bald Men Embracing Baldness

Starting to lose your hair? You’re not alone. According to, 85% of men are balding by age 50. However, a stigma surrounding hair loss still exists, and many men struggle with confidence and self-worth once the (largely) inevitable begins. But why? We at the Mini Moustachery believe there's a reason to embrace your baldness! Read below for our tips on how to wear your baldness with pride.


Shave Your Head (Bic It):

The best way to embrace hair loss is to own it! There’s a difference between a man that’s 95% bald and one who confidently removes it all. Showing others you want to be bald will automatically add to your confidence.

Additionally, think of all the men throughout history who have shaved their heads—Yul Brenner, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson—the epitome of manliness! (And let’s be honest, ladies have had their eyes on these men for a long time).

Although we have electric or cartridge razors, we’re like the traditional touch here at the Mini Moustachery. We believe that using a traditional double edge safety razor will not only give you a better shave (closer shave) but will also make the experience more luxurious and enjoyable.

What you need:

Using these steps will take shaving your head from a chore to an experience to look forward to. 

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Grow Facial Hair:


Just because you’re bald on top doesn’t mean you should neglect your face! Many bald men confidently sport beards and mustaches. Growing facial hair has long been a hallmark of manliness, and the combination of facial hair with a shaved head exudes confident masculinity.

Additionally, facial hair will draw attention away from your head. If you opt for a beard or mustache, keeping it well-groomed will keep your appearance neat and show that you know how to take care of the hair you do have.

What you need:

  •  Beard Shampoo & Beard Conditioner: Using beard shampoo and conditioner will keep the hair clean and soft
  • Beard Oils: Beard oils will help moisturize your beard and mustache.
  • Beard Balms: Balms will help lock in the moisture and give you control as you style your beard.

Or visit for everything you need to keep your beard clean and luscious.


Wear a Hat:

While it’s a power move to sport a bald head, it’s not always a practical choice. Men who spend lots of time outdoors or who have especially fair or sensitive skin can benefit from wearing a hat. However, you don’t need to stick with the common baseball cap.

Take this opportunity to sport something different that will catch the eye! After all, your head deserves to look the best it can.

Flat caps (also known as newsboys, scallys, driver caps, and ivy caps) are an increasingly popular alternative to the baseball cap. Casual yet dapper, they can easily be dressed up or down. If flat caps aren’t your style, consider a traditional fedora or western hat.

Whatever you choose, a hat will both protect your head and give you style. Our online shop has everything you need to get started!


Elevate Your Fashion:

If you haven’t noticed, most of our tips fall along the lines of “look the best you can, and your baldness won’t matter.” This is certainly true of the clothing you wear!

Your fashion will largely depend on your daily activities, but there’s seldom a situation that you can’t dress up just a little. If you’re outside in the cold, choose a nice sweater or overcoat.

If you’re in the office, wear a nice button up or sport coat. No one will ever negatively judge a sharply dressed man, and you’ll find that your bald head will look better than you ever realized.

While society tries to dictate what looks good, only you can rock your personal style. The main key to embracing baldness is to do it with confidence, and following these tips will help you on that journey! Be sure to check back for future posts, and visit our online shop for all your grooming needs.

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