Top Tips for a Healthy Beard: How to Stop Beard Itchiness and Tangled Beard Hair

Top Tips for a Healthy Beard: How to Stop Beard Itchiness and Tangled Beard Hair

By Deven Hunsaker

You’ve done it—you’ve grown a beard. Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran. But you still wonder—how do I deal with itchy skin? Why does my beard get unruly throughout the day? Is there a way to get it softer? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone. Many men, even after years of growing facial hair, don’t know how to properly care for it. As men’s grooming experts, we at the Mini Moustachery have all the beard care answers you need. Continue reading to learn how to get the best beard possible!

Dry and Brittle Hair

Many bearded gentleman—or their wives—complain about poky and dry hair. A lot of problems, including this one, can be avoided by simply using a shampoo and conditioner. A common mistake many men make is using the same shampoo and conditioner they use for their head on their beard. Facial hair is much coarser than beard hair, and the different pH levels between the two is also significant. Using washes and conditioners specifically formulated for beards—such as those available in our shop—will account for those differences and maximize the cleansing and moisturizing effects on your facial hair.

In a market flooded with 2-in-1 products, we strongly recommend using separate shampoo and conditioner. Why? Shampoo strips the oils from your hair and provides a deep cleanse. Conditioner restores moisture and softens the hair. So, when those products are used together, the shampoo cancels out the conditioner, and your hair gets drier and more brittle as a result. By using them separately, you get the cleansing effect of shampoo and the moisturizing benefits of conditioner. For the best beard care possible, we recommend shampooing once or twice a week and conditioning every day. (Conditioner will also make your beard much softer and easier to style).

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Itchiness, Dry Skin, and Dandruff

You’ve heard of beard oil, but do you know what it’s for? Despite “beard” being in the name, beard oil is mostly for the skin underneath. Itchy, dry, and irritated skin is one of the most common problems men with beards and mustaches experience. If this is you, just use beard oil! A few drops of high-quality oil in the morning will restore moisture, remove itchy irritation, and keep you smelling good to boot.

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Tangled or Scraggly Hair

Let’s be honest—beards can be difficult to work with. You do everything you can in the morning to tame them, but they still get tangled or scraggly throughout the day. To fix this, the first thing we suggest is a beard brush! A boar bristle brush will untangle your hair and get your beard started right in the morning. It will also exfoliate the skin and distribute the oils evenly throughout your beard. (This is also the first step to help patchy beards grown in more). Static-free combs (such as wood or cellulose acetate) are another popular option!

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While brushes are essential to maintaining a well-groomed beard, beard balms are the key to achieving different beard styles. Beard balms are like pomade for facial hair— they allow you to shape your beard, providing a good hold until you wash it out. The balms we make also act as leave-in conditioners! Applying balm after brushing through your beard will be a game-changer in achieving the best beard possible.

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When you think of the best mustaches, you probably imagine perfectly controlled hair and a defined curl. If this is your goal, consider mustache wax! While similar to beard balm, its hold is much stronger, giving you all the definition and shaping you need. (It will also keep hair off your top lip while eating!)

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Your beard is your pride, so why not keep it well-groomed? Men of all different beard types and styles will benefit from these tips. Little actions like conditioning or using a beard brush will take your beard to the next level, turning heads in the process.

If you’d like personal consultation on how to style your beard, or to learn about different beard styles, make an appointment with a barber at either of our locations:

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