Dreadnought Big Blue Bar of Soap

Dreadnought Big Blue Bar of Soap

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Are you sick and tired of using a tiny piece of soap designed for the supple and dainty skin of the fairer sex? If so, then you are like the range of gentlemen throughout the land who demanded the Dreadnought Big Blue Bar Soap. When you need to get clean after a good night's sleep, a long day's work, or a late night at play, this is the cleanser for you.

If you know anything about this company, you understand they do not make products for women, and fully concentrate on the cleaning and shaving needs of real men, or as this British company sometimes calls them ' Real Blokes. Wrapped in clear packaging with the head of an armored warrior on the front, you will know for sure this is a large and manly bar.

As you might expect from the powers that be at Dreadnought, this product is not hard to use. Tear through the packaging, run the block through your hands and wherever needed on your body to work up a lather. Check closely through all the cracks and crevices for any signs of trouble and then wash off with warm water. Just be sure your lady uses her own.

Size: 175g

Made in Great Britain.

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