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Mini Moustachery

MM Shaving Kit Boar Brush

MM Shaving Kit Boar Brush

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This kit is designed to help make shaving less of a drudgery and more of an experience while minimizing irritation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It contains a boar hair shaving brush, a pre-shave oil, a shaving soap, and an aftershave.

In addition to being awesome, using a shaving brush helps to soften your hair which reduces the irritation caused while cutting it, additionally it aligns the pile of the hair decreasing tug and pull and allowing for a closer shave.

Pre-shave oil also softens hair and helps your razor to glide over the surface of your skin reducing irritation significantly.

Shave soap used with a brush lasts for a looong time, saving you money. Shave soaps are also designed to be more moisturizing and less trying than your aerosol shaving creams.

Your traditional aftershaves are designed to kill the bacteria that causes razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Aftershave lotion is made to sooth any razor burn resulting from shaving while moisturizing your skin.

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