Rooney Super Badger Shaving Brush Victorian

Rooney Super Badger Shaving Brush Victorian

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R.A. Rooney & Sons, aka City of London Brushworks, has turned out consistently amazing brushes for over a century. Their handmade handles & high quality badger hair makes them renowned in wet shaving circles. The Heritage Collection continues their pattern of excellence with a line of brushes taken straight from their archives. With faux bone handles and top-of-the-line badger hair, these brushes value function and efficiency like the 1850s. But they don't forget to wink at form and fashion, as well.

The Beehive 2 sports the cream-colored, hand-lathed handles of others in the Heritage line, but it ups the ante with a ridged, "beehive" look that gives it its name. Bigger than the Beehive 1, it is popular with gentlemen with larger hands and those who love to face lather. Although, the Beehive is also great for producing a lather from a soap or cream. In fact, these super badger bristles are great for producing lather, period.

Rooney's doesn't use the label "silivertip", but in this super badger hair, you have the quality to rival any with that distinction. The softest, straightest strands are harvested from the back of the animal and hand-sorted to give you the best.

Get one today and join the ranks of Rooney lovers the world over!

  • Overall brush height: 97mm
  • Handle height: 50mm
  • Brush Loft: 47mm
  • Knot diameter: 24mm

Made in England