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Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Cream Tube Almond

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Cream Tube Almond

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Not all men want to use a brush when they shave, and products like Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Tube, Almond, 75ml is made for them. This almond-scented version is an excellent choice for men who like woody scents but who also want something a bit more noticeable, less subtle, but also unquestionably elegant. The best way to get great lather with this product, of course, is to use a brush, but you certainly don't have to, and this offering is also a good choice for if you're going out on the road (travel-sized) and need to take good supplies with you.

This item is made in the United Kingdom and comes from a brand name with a deservedly stellar reputation. Cream isn't the only shaving option out there, but it is consistently one of the best, particularly for those men who have very sensitive skin and very much need a great deal of lubricant between their face and the razor. With this product, you can be certain that you're getting yourself optimal protection and that you're not stressing one of the most delicate parts of your body too much.

Size: 75ml

Made in England