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Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Soap Puck Sandalwood

Taylor of Old Bond Street Shave Soap Puck Sandalwood

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If you like generating less waste than the average person, this is a great product for you. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap Refill, Sandalwood works well with the shaving bowls that they sell (although it will fit in a variety of bowls and mugs). This is an excellent way to make certain that you're just not wasting things that could be reused and that you're not filling up the landfill with chintzy products you picked up at a drugstore. This is an excellent option, and it is designed to go with another impressive offering from this same manufacturer.

If you do happen to have a good mug and bowl, there are any number of great soaps that you can use to experiment and find out what really works for you. Every man is a little bit different, and some men will definitely gravitate toward particular aromas, or they may prefer an option with no aroma at all. It's really up to you. The best thing about using high quality products, however, is that you don't have to worry that you are buying junk. They are made to last and, as this particular offering shows, they are made to be used again and again.

Size: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Made in England