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Italian Barber Shave Soap Fresco Verde

Italian Barber Shave Soap Fresco Verde

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Since we started Italian Barber in 2010, we have served thousands of clients and sold tens of thousands of shaving creams and soaps. While most shaving creams and soaps works for the majority of men, there is a large percentage of traditional wet shavers that suffer from "sensitive skin." The facial skin on the face and neck is some of the thinnest and most sensitive on the entire body and some gentlemen just can't tolerate certain chemicals, preservatives, fragrance oils or even essential oils. Only a few companies in the marketplace have formulated shaving creams and soaps for sensitive skin and generally their scents are limited and their prices are high. Enter Italian Barber! In March of 2015, I went to Italy and worked firsthand with one of our artisan soap makers to formulate a shaving soap specifically for men with sensitive skin.

Okay, so the million dollar question is... why is this shaving soap great for men with sensitive skin? It's pretty simple really, it's an all natural soap formula with absolutely zero preservatives and zero detergents, that means no parabens, no sulfates, no EDTA, no silicons, no Aldehydes. You can see the simple soap ingredient list below. The formula is also enriched with Golden Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is especially useful for combating skin redness and razor burn. The third reason, the fragrance oil. For the Italian Barber Sensitive Skin shaving soaps we only use allergen free fragrance oils in low percentages. You will still be able to enjoy the mentally soothing benefits of a wonderful fragrance during your daily shave but the fragrance is light and won't overwhelm you. For the price, we have stuck to our guns decided to offer these fine shaving soaps at super low prices, the everyday regular price will be $4.99! Yes, under five bucks! Less expensive than your average drink at Starbucks!

One final point, these shaving soaps are formulated to be used with a shaving brush. If you suffer from sensitive skin, my recommendation is a very soft synthetic shaving brush, like the RazoRock Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush or if you are a traditionalist and want badger, I recommend a Silvertip badger brush. Cheers and Happy Shaving!