Barrister & Mann Aftershave Petrichor

Barrister & Mann Aftershave Petrichor

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Everyone knows that smell of damp soil after rain. Properly known as "petrichor," it's actually the smell of the chemical geosmin, which is produced by spores in the ground. Here at Barrister and Mann, we really love that smell, so we decided to make a shaving soap and aftershave version! Our Petrichor soap and aftershave smell like walking through the forest after a brief Spring storm. Rainboots recommended.

Note: Unfortunately, because we're not wizards (yet), we cannot make Petrichor smell like whatever it would smell like around your house. We're kind of limited to making it smell like New England. Please don't be mad at us.

New wt. 3.5 oz, Made in the USA

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