FINE Shaving Soap Snake Bite

FINE Shaving Soap Snake Bite

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If you love Fine Accoutrements After Shaves, then boy, are we going to make your day! Now, you can get all your favorites scents in a line of "fine" shaving soaps. And if you love your shave COLD. Then you will want to check out Fine Classic Shaving Soap, Snake Bite. With this one, the name says it all.

This shaving puck is a hard soap, perfect for lathering with your favorite mug and brush. You get an unbeatable lather in an old-world tallow formula. The resulting froth is perfect for protecting, lubricating, and guiding your shave. It lathers great even in hard water and it contains no artificial ingredients. So, shave with confidence with this fine product.

And it isn't just a smooth shave. It is also a COLD one. If you are familiar with their Snake Bite after shave, you might have an idea about this mentholated offering. There is no additional fragrance component to this soap, just a hefty dose of menthol. For those who love a shave that leaves them with a frosty face. This is for you. Pair with the original "Burn & Quench" Snake Bite After Shaving Tonic. Whew! That's cold.

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