Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor

Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor

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Merkur was fashioning blade edges before the safety razor was even invented. Since 1896, Merkur has been at the forefront of sharp! Now they have a global reputation for exceptional men's grooming utensils. Try out the popular Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor.

Modeled after a traditional looking grooming essential, the 33C is a chrome-plated, 3-piece double edge razor. The chrome prevents corrosion and provides durability and gleam! The 3-piece design is classic as well. The two head plates sandwich the blade and screw together with the handle. So you can pop in a new, inexpensive blade to keep your razor -- and shave -- fresh. Try one of our blade sampler packs to find the one that that is right for you.

The comfortable handle is approximately 3" long. It has a knurling on the handle as well for a textured, non-slip grip. This is a great razor for those just entering the wet-shaving gig. But it is a favorite of veterans as well, as it gives a close comfortable shave.

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