Razo-Rock Shave Soap XX

Razo-Rock Shave Soap XX

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RazoRock XX Artisan Shaving Soap

  • Contains ARGAN OIL
  • Artisan Made

Scent: This unbelievable fragrance presents itself with aromas which vividly present landscapes of Italy and breezes of the Mediterranean in our imagination. The scent of this artisan made shaving soap accentuates your sensual side and regenerates your body and soul with aromas of myrtle, along with citruses, Calabrian lemon and sweet, passionate orange, with the calming effect of basil. At the heart of this complex scent you are taken with the aromas of jasmine, rose and green lilac, which meet mediterranean breezes and black currant leaves. Some of the base notes include precious wood, juniper, cedar and warm amber. This complex scent is one of our personal favourites.

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