Tips For Beard Growth: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Growing A Beard

Tips For Beard Growth: Avoid These Common Mistakes When Growing A Beard

By: Deven Hunsaker

Want to join the beard revolution? More and more men are growing beards, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can go sideways pretty fast. We think every man should know how to rock the best beard possible, so we’ve put together a list of common pitfalls in beard growth and how to avoid them!

Here are four common mistakes and how to make them right.


Men new to growing a beard are anxious for full and luscious facial hair. If that doesn’t happen in the first few weeks, some guys give up and shave it off, thinking that they’re forever doomed to patchiness. Huge mistake! It’s normal for beards take 1-2 months to fill in completely. Wait 30 days and then trim the cheek and necklines. Defining the edges at this point will give the appearance of a fuller beard and really give you an idea of how your facial hair is progressing. Patience is key to the best beard growth. 


Perhaps the most common mistake men make is not caring for their beards. Scraggly, dry, and unkempt facial hair is never comfortable or attractive. Shampoo twice a week, condition every day, and use other products such as oil and balm to keep the hair moisturized and shaped. Be sure to routinely get it trimmed as well! These things will make your beard look and feel better, and we’re also confident the women in your life will thank you.

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When you’re focused on caring for a full beard, it’s easy to neglect the mustache. But since it’s in the middle of your face, it’s one of the first things people will notice! Use a fine-tooth mustache comb every day to keep it shaped. Also consider using wax to keep it styled throughout the day (and to keep it off your lip when you eat). Experiment with different styles to find the one that works best for your face! The little details will take your facial hair to the next level.

A wax for the stache.


This is a tricky one. Many men think they should either trim the beard right below their chin or let it grow all the way down their neck. Unless you’re looking to make a (negative) bold statement, avoid both. A good rule of thumb is to trim the beard right above your Adam’s apple, which is about where your head meets your neck. This will give you the most natural look! We recommend getting a consultation with your barber to know how best to trim your facial hair.

Growing facial hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Just avoid these mistakes to achieve the best beard possible! For tips on choosing different beard styles, check out our previous post here: (Top Tips for a Healthy Beard: How to Stop Beard Itchiness and Tangled Beard Hair). Visit our online shop for all your beard and barbering needs:
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